Wyoming License Plate Lookup

Finally! You’re ready to get that motor vehicle you always wanted. Start things right by running a quick check on the vehicle registration record, lien holder details, odometer information, by performing a Wyoming license plate lookup. Simply use the license plate number and do an online search for you to get the car’s information.

How to lookup a Wyoming license plate

You can do a license plate search by going online on any website that offers search services or by going to your county treasurer's office to ask for assistance. A Wyoming resident can look up any information, like the dealer details whether they're located in Laramie county, Niobrara county or any place in WY.

Wyoming custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

There's a couple of custom license plates that a person can choose from. Every specialty license plate for organizations, disabled persons and for military personnel is available. A watercraft plate is provided for boats. All you have to do is to go online to the Wyoming Department of Transportation for more information or go to your local county clerk's office to get more information.

Wyoming VIN lookup

To do a VIN lookup, you can go to any website offering free vin search services. Another option is to go to your WY DOT office near you and ask for assistance. A vin number search will provide information about the vehicle owner, vin inspection that was done to it if it has a legitimate Wyoming title if the vehicle's tax is updated like the sales tax, personal property tax and other important details.

Wyoming License Plate Sizes

License plates in Wyoming have a standard size of 6"x12". This is for every commercial vehicle like a truck and passenger vehicles. Regardless if it's a specialty plate or a regular one. All Wyoming plates are allowed to have a frame as long as the information like the license plate sticker, and the numbers are visible.

Wyoming License Plate Validity

Most plates would last around 7-10 years or for the full life of the vehicle depending on its condition. As long as it's still registered to the same vehicle identification number or was properly transferred to a different one. A temporary license plate is valid for 30 days. This applies to regular vehicle or truck owners.

Applying for Wyoming License Plates

When applying, you'll need your driver's license, license plate tag, payment for the state fee and registration fee. Your car information like its gross vehicle weight must also be presented.

Surrendering License Plates in Wyoming  

You can surrender your plates to any county clerk office near you. You can also dispose of your own plate, just make sure that it can no longer be used by anyone else.

Renewing License Plates in Wyoming 

For renewing your vehicle, it's done online or by going in person to any county clerk's office. You'll need your proof of insurance, registration renewal notice, driver's license and a vehicle inspection are some of the things you need to do. It's the same process throughout the state, whether you're in Natrona county or in a different county DMV.