Wisconsin License Plate Lookup

Who wouldn’t want to become a vehicle owner? At the same time, who would want trouble associated with the car they’re about to purchase? Avoid that by running a Wisconsin license plate lookup and get started by finding out the vehicle registration, any parking citation number, registration number issues, if it used a personalized license plate and more. Check with the WI DMV to know more as well.

How to lookup a Wisconsin license plate

Doing a Wisconsin license plate lookup is one of the best decisions you can do before buying a used car. Using the license plate number to search for information can go a long way between you making a good purchase or ending up with the worst decision ever. A license plate search can be done online or you can contact the Wisconsin DMV for assistance.

Wisconsin custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

A lot of options are available when it comes to a personalized license plate in Wisconsin. There's a personalized plate for disabled people that they can apply for. For organization members, there's a lot of designs available for specialty plates. There's a special license plate or military placard available for members or retired veterans. Specialty license plates for every Wisconsin resident that's a fan of its local sports team also have the option to order. Custom license plates can be ordered online through the Wisconsin DMV website. Using a frame is fine as long as the details like the license plate sticker and number aren't obscured from view as per the Wisconsin Department.

Wisconsin VIN lookup

A vin number lookup is a great alternative to using a license lookup. A reverse license plate search is a viable option as well but nothing beats using the VIN number to search for vehicle information regarding the vehicle title, license plate renewal details and other important things about the motor vehicle that you're looking to purchase.

Wisconsin License Plate Sizes

Plates in Wisconsin have a size of 6"x12" for every commercial or passenger vehicle. If it's a motorcycle, the size is 4"x7". Whether you have a vanity plate or just a plain one, the same size will apply to whatever you have.

Wisconsin License Plate Validity

Doesn't really matter if you have a special plate or a regular one. The validity will last for around 7-10 years as long as it's being renewed and processed properly. Temporary license plates are only valid for 90 days.

Applying for Wisconsin License Plates

There's a couple of things that one will need, like the driver's license number or id card, payment for the registration fee, license plate owner information and other documents. You can apply online or drop by your local DMV.

Surrendering License Plates in Wisconsin  

You can simply destroy them on your own since the state of Wisconsin doesn't really require vehicle owners to surrender their old placards even if they did receive a replacement plate.

Renewing License Plates in Wisconsin 

For renewing, you'll need your renewal notice, insurance proof, pass the inspection, and pay any corresponding fee using your credit card or any other payment method allowed. Not being able to renew on time will subject you to pay for any late fee applicable. To know the exact process of renewing, you can check it out online on the Wisconsin DMV or drop by in person in any of their local offices.