Virginia License Plate Lookup

Are you planning to buy a used vehicle? If you are, be cautious enough to dig into the vehicle history and run a quick Virginia license plate lookup. This will make the vehicle registration process smoother since you know firsthand what needs to be cleared before you even get that car. Details like the vehicle transcript, license plate information, driving record and other details.

How to lookup a Virginia license plate

You can go to any DMV select office to get a license plate lookup for any motor vehicle that you're looking to get. As per the DPPA, all records of any vehicle are available for the general public to view, so doing a license plate search won't get you in trouble. Get information on any Virginia plates like the license plate data, pending cases with any law enforcement agency, if it has the right permit on it and any other relative information needed.

Virginia custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

When it comes to personalized license plates, there's a lot of options that a vehicle owner can choose from. There's a specialty license plate for organization members and sports team fans. Disability license plates are also available. Military plates are for current or veteran members only. Check with your DMV office to know how to order your special plates.

Virginia VIN lookup

A VIN number lookup can be done online through the Virginia DMV website or through 3rd party sites. Instead of using the passenger car plates, you can simply use the vin to get details regarding the motor vehicle you're looking at.

Virginia License Plate Sizes

Virginia car owners will follow the license plate size of 6"x12". Motorcycle owners on the other hand will follow the 4"x7" size. Any regular or personalized plate will follow these sizes. A plate frame will be allowed to use, but if it hinders any important detail like the license plate number and any sticker, it's not permitted. Failure to follow will lead to you being pulled over by law enforcement if you happen to go over those license plate readers and your information wasn't seen.

Virginia License Plate Validity

A license plate is valid for around 7 up to 10 years. It needs to be renewed in order to still be valid. Don't go around driving with an invalid plate unless you want trouble with the state police.

Applying for Virginia License Plates

You can register at any state of VA DMV. You'll need your driver's license, proof of insurance, vehicle title proving that you are the registered owner and other documents. Next is to pay the fee and wait for your registration to be approved, processed and your placard to be issued. Overload permits can be issued to any plate number owner in VA as long as it is titled and registered to Virginia like in Fairfax county and to vehicles registered out of state.

Surrendering License Plates in Virginia 

Any old placards or plates can be surrendered to the Virginia DMV.

Renewing License Plates in Virginia 

Any license plate owner can renew online on the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website or go in person to any DMV office. A couple of documents like their current registration plate, driver's license, renewal notices are just some of the things needed to renew their motor vehicle. Also, their vehicle's personal property tax would need to be up to date before their plate number can be renewed.