Utah License Plate Lookup

Perform a Utah license plate lookup to receive information about the motor vehicle that you’re about to buy. As a vehicle owner, this is important together with the knowledge about the process of registering the car, choosing a standard plate or vanity plate, renewals, and more. With this, you can get the motor vehicle record, safety inspection details, or if it was included with the stolen vehicles list with just a single license plate search.

How to lookup a Utah license plate

There's a lot of online free license plate lookup services that you can use. All of these license plate search websites will always provide the same information like the vehicle history, any registration anomalies, if it was tagged under the auto theft category, and any other driving record. So doing a Utah license plate lookup can go a long way between you getting a good deal or getting burned by a bad one. So do yourself a favor and do a license plate number search online or by contacting your local Utah DMV.

Utah custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

You can order any personalized license plate through your local DMV office or online. Specialty license plates for sports enthusiasts are available for them to get for their vehicle. Special plates for any Utah organization members are also one of the options. Exempt plates are not a type of specialty plate and are only issued based on their use by government organizations as per the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles.

Utah VIN lookup

You can contact your state DMV and see if they can help you in doing a VIN number search. It can get you details like the registration renewal information, any replacement plates a certain vehicle had, vehicle history report and other stuff. Any Utah resident can utilize this whenever they're planning to buy a used car.

Utah License Plate Sizes

Sizes are 6"x12" for any commercial or passenger vehicle. For a motorcycle, it's 4"x7". Sizes cannot be changed regardless if you have a personalized plate or a regular one.

Utah License Plate Validity

Plates are valid for around 7-10 years. As long as it's being renewed, and the plate is still in good condition, it can be used by any registered owner of any passenger vehicles.

Applying for Utah License Plates

Your driver's license, vehicle title and proof of insurance are some of the things that any Utah driver will need in applying for any plate type. Payment for the registration fee is also one of the main things needed to be accomplished before the Utah division will approve your application. You can go online or in-person to the nearest DMV for more information.

Surrendering License Plates in Utah 

If the plates for your vehicle are no longer needed, you can surrender them or dispose of them yourselves.

Renewing License Plates in Utah 

To renew, prepare your vehicle registration card, renewal notice, your license, payment for any fees and undergo any inspections wherever applicable. You can accomplish this online or by going to your local DMV. It's the license plate owner's responsibility to know when the plates need to be renewed. Anyway, Utah drivers will get a renewal notice in their email from their local DMV if they subscribed to it.