Tennessee License Plate Lookup

It’s always fun to choose a motor vehicle but before you finalize your decision, make sure that you perform a Tennessee license plate lookup to avoid any inconvenience. This can help in having a smooth and fast transaction upon vehicle registration. Simply enter the license plate number and perform a search online to get the information about the vehicle history records, lienholder details, public record and more.

How to lookup a Tennessee license plate

To know if there are any issues with a car you're planning to buy, it's better to do a license plate search to know the vehicle history report of it. Other information such as its current registration, if it has its own Tennessee title and other details. You can check with your county treasurer's office to get more information.

Tennessee custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

There's a lot of options one can get when it comes to ordering a personalized license plate. A specialty license plate can have designs from your local sports team or from an organization that you're a part of. You can check with your county clerk's office to know more about how to order your passenger vehicle or for your motorcycle plate.

Tennessee VIN lookup

Any Tennessee resident that's looking to buy a used car might want to do a vin number lookup rather than using a license plate lookup service. A vin is a car's code that's only unique on that specific vehicle. A vehicle owner must know their vin number for getting a registration plate, for renewing and other things. The vin will also be associated with the plate number, so when doing a search, you'll know if the placard has been renewed or if there's any fee that's pending to be paid on it. Don't purchase any used vehicle if the seller's signature does not match the name on the front of the title.

Tennessee License Plate Sizes

In the state of Tennessee, they follow the standard plate size of 6"x12". Any person caught using a custom size will have law enforcement on their tail since even custom plates follow the same size.

Tennessee License Plate Validity

Plates are valid mostly for 7-10 years and are reissued after those timeframes. Check with your local county clerk's office to know more details regarding your plate validity.

Applying for Tennessee License Plates

Aside from issuing a business license for owners and a marriage license for couples, the county clerk's office also issues the license plate for everyone. Details like your driver's license, insurance information, vehicle certificate and other documents. Tennessee also implants a wheel tax for every vehicle less than 8000 pounds, sales tax and other fees.

Surrendering License Plates in Tennessee 

You can dispose of your old plates or return it to any county clerk near them. It's not a requirement to surrender them. But if disposing of by yourself, make sure that it's destroyed properly, so that no one can use them for any fraudulent instances. You don't want any fee being charged to you for something that you really didn't do.

Renewing License Plates in Tennessee 

Vehicle each has its own renewal date. It's the owner's responsibility to know when that would be. They can also get information through their local county on the process of renewing. Things like your renewal notice, inspections, paying all the fees are just some of what you'll need to do and present once you're ready. Any registered owner has 90 days to renew their plate number after it has expired.