South Dakota License Plate Lookup

It’s exciting to finally have the chance of owning your own car. Some of the steps that you need to do are vehicle registration, getting a standard plate or maybe opt for a personalized license plate, and more. Alongside with those, don’t forget to perform a South Dakota license plate lookup and know more information about the vehicle you’re about to purchase.

How to lookup a South Dakota license plate

If planning to buy a used vehicle in SD, you might want to possibly do a license plate search. You can get the motor vehicle record, any public safety violations it has, any delinquent taxes when it comes to the car itself, lien details and other important information. You can check with the South Dakota Department of Motor Vehicles for more information or do a license plate number search online.

South Dakota custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

A personalized plate in the state of South Dakota can have not more than 7 letters, and nothing less than 1. To get a specialty license plate, you can go to the SC State DMV website, choose the plate, fill out your information then pay for it. Aside from the fee for getting the plate, taxes will also apply like property taxes and real estate taxes. For more information on taxes applied, go to your local county treasurer's office.

South Dakota VIN lookup

If you're doing any motor vehicle transactions on a used car, there's a couple of things you have to know like the vehicle information, driving record, tax paid, registered owner information and other details. You can do all this by doing a vin number search. As per the DPPA, all of the details of the vehicle owner can be accessed by the public as long as the reasons are valid.

South Dakota License Plate Sizes

Same with North Dakota and other states like Nebraska, SD plates are following the size of 6"x12". For motorcycles, it's 4"x7". License plate frames are allowed as long as it doesn't obscure any important details like the plate number and sticker. If you use frames that hinder that information then don't be surprised if you have law enforcement officers stopping you when you're driving.

South Dakota License Plate Validity

All plates as per the DPPA will have a lifespan of 7-10 years. Temporary plates in SD are valid for 45 days.

Applying for South Dakota License Plates

In the state of SD, here are some of the documents needed like your driver's license, vehicle title, license plate tags and payment for the registration fee. To know the complete details on the step by step process, call your local SD DMV.

Surrendering License Plates in South Dakota 

You can surrender your license plates if no longer needed to any county treasurer's office.

Renewing License Plates in South Dakota 

In Pennington county, they have 2 terminals that can help you renew your vehicle, as long as your vehicle title is registered in SD. For any other counties, you can renew online or go to your local DMV to do it. You can also ask them about the complete process of renewing your vehicle so that you have everything prepared.