Rhode Island License Plate Lookup

A lot of people get scammed when it comes to buying used motor vehicles. To avoid being one of them, doing a Rhode Island license plate lookup might save you from that fate. Get all the details that you need like the registration renewal information, vehicle history report, driving record and other things. You can also go to the Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles to see if they can help you as well.

How to lookup a Rhode Island license plate

Things like the license type, vehicle history report, and other information are just some of the benefits that you can get by doing a license plate search. So that you can make a sound decision of whether that vehicle is indeed worth buying or not.

Rhode Island custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

There's a lot of variety when it comes to getting a personalized license plate in RI. Plate numbers are easily customized based on a person's preference, like getting a personalized plate for an organization they're in. If someone's a part of the army or any related group, they can get a military or veteran plate. Specialty plates for antique vehicles are also available. A commercial vehicle whose weight isn't more than 9000 lbs can also get a vanity plate. 

To know how to order them, simply go to the Rhode Island DMV website. A cool car comes with a cool vehicle owner and license plate right? As per the DMV office, license plate frames are allowed as long as it doesn't hide any important details. A-frame that hides the license plate sticker and the plate number isn't allowed.

Rhode Island VIN lookup

A vin check is essential when considering a used car. A vin lookup will help you get the necessary details to know if it's worth buying or not. It's a great option rather than doing a license plate lookup. A vin number is a unique number only made for that specific vehicle so the information that you'll get is valid for sure. Contact the RI DMV for assistance as well if you don't know where to start.

Rhode Island License Plate Sizes

Passenger plates will follow the standard size of 6"x12", same goes for a registration plate or personalized plates. A motorcycle will follow the 4"x7" size.

Rhode Island License Plate Validity

New issued dealer plates are good for 7 years, after that it's a lifetime validity as long as it's renewed along with the vehicle registration. For any RI dealership, they can use a printable temporary license plate that's good for only 20 days, along with the temporary permit or certificate or registration. This temporary registration plate is called plate on demand.

Applying for Rhode Island License Plates

You'll need your RI driver's license, together with the vehicle identification number, registration id card and pay the fee. A temporary plate for your motor vehicle might also be issued if it's going to take a couple of weeks before you get your permanent ones. Any registered owner can inquire with their local DMV to get more information or ask questions.

Surrendering License Plates in Rhode Island

A passenger vehicle that's canceled their license plate number by mail or in person will need to surrender it to any DMV office. If it's online, they can just dispose of it.

Renewing License Plates in Rhode Island

Requirements like the driver's license number, vin, proof of insurance, inspections are some of the things you'll need in renewing. You would also need to pay the fee required. If you're late in renewing, a late fee will apply. For more information visit the RI DMV website, talk to them by phone or in person.