Pa License Plate Lookup

Got the deal of a lifetime on a used car? Before you say yes, you might want to check the vehicle history of the car first. Do a PA license plate lookup to get this information. Knowing things like the last vehicle registration done, title number, driving record and used registration stickers can help you in making the right decision. So make use of any Pennsylvania license plate lookup service online or go to the PennDOT website to know more.

How to lookup a Pennsylvania license plate

Doing a license plate search is very helpful in obtaining important information. You can find details on any passenger car-like its vehicle history report or public record, or if it used any personalized plates before by utilizing a license plate lookup online or on PennDOT.

Pennsylvania custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

There are different options when you're planning to get any personalized license plates. You need to have the application form called "Application for a specialty plate", and applicants must have a valid license plate. You can also check if the plate configuration you want is available by using their specialty license plate availability tool.

 You can use characters for any vanity plate for up to 7 characters, which includes numbers and letters. All requests for a personalized plate are on a first come first serve basis as well. Your motor vehicle can also have a license plate frame. Make sure that it doesn't cover any information like the license plate number, or any sticker or tag number.

Law enforcement personnel are always on the lookout for any driver committing these violations. For those looking to use a European license plate, you can consult with your local DMV to see if it's allowed or not.

Pennsylvania VIN lookup

Looking for any information on a used passenger vehicle is extremely important especially if you're on the buying side of things. Using a vin number search will help you make the right decision. The vehicle identification number is like the DNA of any car so you'll never go wrong.

Pennsylvania License Plate Sizes

Any registered owner should know that the size of a standard plate is 6"x12" for regular vehicles and 4"x7" for motorcycle owners. Failure to follow the sizes by using a custom plate not issued by PA DMV is a serious offense and might get you in trouble with any police officer. You don't want your driver's license getting suspended over something as small as that.

Pennsylvania License Plate Validity

New plates are good for 7 years, but most plates are valid for the life of the vehicle as long as the registration renewal process is being followed. PA DMV has stopped issuing its license plate sticker as a cost-saving measure.

Applying for Pennsylvania License Plates

Details like the vehicle owner's driver's license number, proof of insurance, and other things are needed in applying. You'll need to fill out the application form and other requirements then finally use your credit card or other accepted payment options to pay for the registration fee. 

After all that just simply wait for your permanent registration plate to be issued. You can get a temporary registration tag if it's going to take a while for your permanent plates to arrive.

Surrendering License Plates in Pennsylvania

You can either dispose of your vehicle's old plates or surrender them to your local DMV.

Renewing License Plates in Pennsylvania

A couple of things are needed if you're going to do this online or in person. Your registration card, title number, insurance information and odometer reading are some of the things that you need. If you need to settle any violations that you have but don't remember anymore, you can go to the PA traffic court to get the information like your ticket number and other details. Go to your local DMV office or online to get more information on how to renew.