Oregon License Plate Lookup

Found the car that you’d like? Does the deal offer sound too good to be true? Then perform an Oregon license plate lookup to know specific details about the vehicle, like its vehicle registration, driving record, if it has a temporary permit or not and other important vehicles. By knowing these facts, you’ll know if it’s really a sweet deal or a nightmare. 

How to lookup an Oregon license plate

Get any motor vehicle information by doing an Oregon license plate lookup. Just by having the license plate number, you'll get access to any specific vehicle information that you want, and know if that vehicle is indeed good or has any issues with the Oregon DMV or if it's really clean. It doesn't hurt to be sure so just do a license plate search and save yourself any doubts.

Oregon custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

There's a lot of options when it comes to a personalized Oregon license plate. You can order any specialty license plates online on the OR DOT website. A specialty plate for organizations or sports teams are available. Aside from those, if you're a member of the military (active or not) you can get a personalized license plate for whichever you are a member of whether it's the navy, army or what not. Download the form once you've chosen the design, fill out the necessary details needed, then pay for the plate fee. 

Two pieces of the custom plate will be issued for normal vehicles since Oregon requires a front and rear placard. For any other questions or queries regarding any personalized plate, you can contact any DMV office for more information. A license plate frame is allowed as long as it doesn't hide any of the vehicle's stickers. Even the plate number itself must not be covered by the frame as well otherwise it's not allowed. This rule is applicable to all passenger vehicle types and all motorcycle plates regardless if it's a normal or special plate. You can also order a sequential plate from the DMV website as well.

Oregon VIN lookup

What's a VIN? It stands for the Vehicle Identification Number. It's a unique code for every vehicle that acts like a fingerprint. No vehicle can have the same vin number. So doing a vin search is one of the best ways that you can get information aside from doing a free license plate search online. Obtain certain information like the registration plate record, previous vehicle owner, and other details. It's one of the other ways of getting information aside from using a license lookup.

Oregon License Plate Sizes

Oregon follows the standard size of 6"x12", doesn't matter. Motorcycles will have a plate size of 4"x7". Doesn't matter if you have the regular plate or a vanity plate, it will only follow these 2 sizes whichever is applicable to what you have.

Oregon License Plate Validity

All of Oregon's license plates up until 1955 are still valid, as long as they're still displayed on the original vehicle. The license number plate must also be renewed up until it's original registration to still be considered valid.

Applying for Oregon License Plates

You'll need things like your driver's license, proof of insurance, application forms payment for the registration fee. You can be issued a temporary license plate while waiting. It might take a couple of weeks before you receive your vehicle license plate number.

Surrendering License Plates in Oregon

If you're a license plate owner looking to leave Oregon or just received your new license plate number, it's not a requirement to surrender your old ones. You can just dispose of them if you don't want to surrender them.

Renewing License Plates in Oregon

Some stuff is required like your registration renewal notice, driver's license, application form and payment for any fee that will apply. Go online or to your nearest DMV office for any questions or more information.