Ohio License Plate Search

Some people buy new cars and others get used vehicles. If ever you decide on getting a second-hand car, make sure you do a background check and run an Ohio license plate lookup. It’s very easy to do, you just have to get the motor vehicle's license plate number, and do an online search. This will show details such as the vehicle history, any personalized license plate used and other relevant information that you need to know.

How to lookup an Ohio license plate

Aside from using an Ohio license plate lookup service, you can also call the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles by asking for a request form to get the details that you need, ranging from its public record, any problems with law enforcement, vehicle registration information, dealer details and other important things. Being wise by utilizing these license plate lookup services can go a long way for you.

Ohio custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

Getting a vanity plate number for your vehicle is a great way to give a personality to you and your car. There's a lot of specialty plates that you can choose from ranging from organizations up to sports teams. Military license plates in Ohio can be obtained by active military personnel, veterans and even relatives/family members. 

Fill out the application with the vehicle information required, then pay for the registration fee. Simply go to the Ohio BMV website to order the plate that you want. Ohio lawmakers opted to just require any vehicle owner to get a rear license plate. A frame is allowed as long as it doesn't conceal any important license plate information.

Ohio VIN lookup

You can opt to use a third-party website to do a vehicle identification number search rather than doing a free license plate lookup. Or you can also go to the BMV Ohio department to ask for help in regards to getting any information on a vehicle. A vin number lookup is just one of the other alternatives that you can go ahead and utilize outside of considering a license plate search.

Ohio License Plate Sizes

A vehicle plate will have the standard size of 6"x12" for a passenger vehicle and commercial ones. This is regardless of the vehicle using a standard or a personalized plate. Aside from the plate size for car owners, those who own a motorcycle will follow the size of 4"x7". This rule applies to all Ohio drivers.

Ohio License Plate Validity

In Ohio, plates are good for 5 years. It's the car owner's responsibility to know when it's time to replace their plates.

Applying for Ohio License Plates

For any registered owner to get started, they'll need their vehicle title, driver's license, social security number, vin number and other important details. Not all of the details regarding the registration will be shown when you do a license plate number lookup, just the important things a potential buyer would need to know. If someone is planning to get a salvage title, an inspection must be done first. Contact your local BMV for more details.

Surrendering License Plates in Ohio 

You might be required to return your plates if you have gotten brand new plates or you're moving out of state. It's the license plate owner's responsibility to dispose of/surrender the old placards whenever necessary.

Renewing License Plates in Ohio 

To renew, you'll need your license plate number information, vin, insurance details, driver's license, pass the inspections that's going to be conducted and pay the fees needed. For the full details, check online or go to your local Ohio BMV for any questions or other things you'd like to clarify.