ND License Plate Search

With a lot of open space in the state, you need a car to move around. Wise decision to get a car but if you’re planning to get a used motor vehicle, make sure that you don’t forget to do an ND license plate lookup. Just by having the plate number of the motor vehicle you're looking up, it will help in knowing the vehicle details, driving record, and other relevant information about the car. Always better to be safe than sorry. 

How to lookup a North Dakota license plate

You'd like to be sure when buying a used car. Since it's going to be your mode of transportation every day. Use a reverse license plate search online to know vehicle history records, vehicle owner information and other details. You can do a paid or free license plate lookup, depending on what you want to do.

North Dakota custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

There's a lot of options when it comes to specialty plates. Most vintage plates have the word "peace garden state" on them. Specialty license plates will require approval before being issued. A personalized plate number can have up to 7-8 characters on them, depending on the type of plate you're ordering. Remember that all of the special license plates that are requested will be reviewed by the Motor Vehicle Plate Review committee, so be very careful. Once approved, just fill out the necessary registration and pay the fee.

North Dakota VIN lookup

Aside from doing a license plate number search, you can also do a VIN number lookup online or consult with the ND DMV department for assistance. Getting important information like the last vehicle inspection done, any certificate that might be missing, or any problems with law enforcement before. Knowing all of the vehicle history reports can sway you from making a bad deal and avoid making your life miserable.

North Dakota License Plate Sizes

The North Dakota Department follows the standard size of 6"x12", regardless of the plate design. A motorcycle will have a size of 4"x7". A license plate owner can have a frame as long as it doesn't obscure the clarity and block any information on the placard and sticker itself from view.

North Dakota License Plate Validity

A license plate will have a normal validity of 7 years before it needs to be replaced as per the DPPA. Motorists will have the full responsibility of replacing their placards for their passenger cars or for their motorcycle plates.

Applying for North Dakota License Plates

Any driver that just moved to North Dakota must first register their vehicle with the DOT department. They would need their driver's license, out of state title with the completed application then pay for any fee that comes with it. If the vehicle is financed, they would also need the lienholder details, dealer information and other documents. 

Without proper identification, you'll have a hard time. To know more, click here. Driving without the vehicle registered is illegal and might land you in trouble with the police. So make sure you have your documents and register.

Surrendering License Plates in North Dakota

If you're a registered owner in North Dakota and you canceled your insurance, moved to a different state or applied for a different plate, you'll have to surrender your license plates. If your plates are lost, mutilated or stolen, you can file for a replacement plate.

Renewing License Plates in North Dakota

 To renew your vehicle registration, you can do this online or in person. Fill out the application form, pass the inspections and pay any corresponding fee. After that, please allow 5-10 days for the delivery of your registration cards and decals upon renewing. Remember, a car is almost anyone's main transportation. So always take care of renewing what needs to be done on time every time.