NC License Plate Search

If you’re one of those people who decided to live in North Carolina, getting a car is one of the things you need to get. You wouldn’t want to miss out on traveling to their awesome tourist destinations. However, if you’re decided to get your car registered in the state, you should go ahead and run an NC license plate lookup.

Knowing important details like its vehicle history report, previous license plate number, when the last time the previous owner did its registration renewal and other stuff can go a long way. Getting to know the details about your vehicle registration won’t hurt, right? 

How to lookup a North Carolina license plate

You can utilize websites that offer a free license plate lookup. Just by having the plate number, you can get certain details that you need to know regarding the former registered owner if it has issues with the North Carolina DMV or problems. You can also go to the NC DMV website to know more.

North Carolina custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

For any registered motor vehicle, there's a lot of options when it comes to getting a personalized plate. Specialty license plates have more than 100 causes and interest groups for you to choose from. A custom plate can be done just by paying a fee. A regular number plate has 2 designs available for any passenger vehicle and one for private hauler ones. 

A vanity plate or any other one can have a frame as long as it doesn't obscure any details like the license plate number, sticker and other important details. All requests for a personalized license plate are subject to approval.

North Carolina VIN lookup

Other than using a reverse license plate lookup, you can also utilize a vehicle identification number search. A vin search can be done online or with your local license plate agency DMV. A vin number lookup is another alternative that you can take advantage of other than using a license plate search.

North Carolina License Plate Sizes

Like with any other state, a new registration plate or current placard will follow the size of 6"x12" for normal vehicles and 4"x7" for motorcycles.

North Carolina License Plate Validity

Every plate has a lifespan of 7 years. Any vehicle owner is responsible for replacing those plates.

Applying for North Carolina License Plates

All vehicles registered in North Carolina are considered as a classified motor vehicle. To be a license plate owner will require the car to be titled and its registration must be with the NC DMV. A couple of inspections also needs to be passed, and certain documents are needed as well like your vehicle registration card and your driver's license. 
A registration fee needs to be settled as well. As per the tax bill in NC, the vehicle tax is composed of fees like the vehicle property tax. Check with your nearest DMV to know more about any license plate fee questions or queries.

Surrendering License Plates in North Carolina

Before canceling your insurance, you must surrender your plates first. For swapping out a standard plate with a personalized plate, you need to surrender the old plates.

Renewing License Plates in North Carolina

For renewing, you need to have your license tag number, form and pay for the vehicle registration renewal fee. You also need to do a safety inspection and pay for the fees. You can renew your registration online or in person. 

If doing the inspection, temporary plates are issued and will have a validity of 10 days. To get one, contact your nearest DMV office. Once done with renewing your license plate number, you're all good to go.