NY License Plate Search

Before you start spreading the news about the car you’re about to purchase. Try to perform a New York license plate lookup head-on and get to know the history of that motor vehicle. Knowing things like it's vehicle history, license plate record, any pre-existing parking ticket/s can help you know if it's worth buying or not.

This step helps you to have smoother processing of vehicle registration in the state. Once all is done, you can go ahead and share the news! You can even add up some spice to it by getting a vanity plate.

How to lookup a New York license plate

A NY license plate lookup is a great way to obtain the vehicle record of any car. The NY State DMV is also a great option to do a license plate number lookup. You can also utilize 3rd party websites to do a reverse license plate lookup as well. Getting that vehicle information or any driving record can go a long way for you in making the right decision.

New York custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

You can go online or go to your local DMV to order a personalized license plate. There are various options available for you. For a personalized plate, you can have a maximum of 8 characters. A specialty license plate with a state image on some designs will count as 1 character, so take note of that. For a special license plate, character combinations will need to pass the screening before it's approved. 

For more information, you can go online or drop by any DMV office to get more help. For those planning to get excelsior plates, the fees are the same as empire gold plates so no need to be confused, and the good thing is you get to keep those plates too.

New York VIN lookup

Aside from using any free license plate lookup service out there, you can also use the vehicle identification number or vin number to get information. Any NYS DMV can provide that info as well, granted that the reasons would fall under their accepted scenarios. This is also a great alternative rather than using a license plate search.

New York License Plate Sizes

Any plate type for a passenger or commercial ones will follow the size of 6"x12". Any registered owner with a motorcycle plate will have a plate size of 4"x7". A license plate frame is allowed, barring that it doesn't obscure any information on the plate number of the vehicle. If license plate readers is unable to read your placard info because of the frame, you might get into trouble. So make sure to follow everything.

New York License Plate Validity

Any vehicle license plate will be valid for around 7 years as per the law, anything after that and would need to be replaced already. As a license plate owner, it's your responsibility to know when that would be.

Applying for New York License Plates

You'll need a front and a rear plate number if you're registering for a plate in NY. As a vehicle owner documents will be needed in applying such as your driver's license among others. Fill out the form then pay the registration fee. For those planning to get a temporary license plate for transporting vehicles within or out of state up to its final stop where the car is going to be registered, you need to have your title, have your state id card or license number then proof of insurance. Visit the NY DMV to get more information about getting the registration done or to get other details.

Surrendering License Plates in New York

If you're not using your registration, then you need to surrender your plates. Any DMV transaction about surrendering plates is the best way you can go about disposing of them. It must be surrendered before your insurance lapses to avoid problems. Don't simply give them to another person unless they're surrendering the plates for you.

Renewing License Plates in New York

You can simply go online to renew your vehicle plates. Things like your driver's license, your registration plate number and credit card for the payment is needed as well. Go to the NY DMV website to know more.