New Mexico License Plate Lookup

Surely, getting that car is one of the best things you can give yourself. This will allow you to travel across the state without the hassle of taking public transportation. Before you buy and proceed with vehicle registration, don’t forget to run a license plate search. Make sure that there’s no vehicle registration, law enforcement issues, or any car trouble associated with it. It’s great to know that by doing a license plate lookup, you'll know the vehicle record of the car first hand and save you trouble later.

How to lookup a New Mexico license plate

You can use a New Mexico license plate lookup online or go straight to the MVD office. They can provide details such as the vehicle history, any vin inspection that was done in the past if it had a personalized plate or any other driving record information that you may want.

New Mexico custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

Any vehicle owner looking to get a personalized vanity license plate can go to the MVD website and look at the choices that they have. Like for example, a yellow special license plate can have 1-7 characters on it. A turquoise specialty plate can have 1-8 characters. Finally, a Chile special plate can have 1-6 characters (same with a motorcycle). Every specialty license plate request is subject to approval once you ordered, so it's not a guarantee yet.

New Mexico VIN lookup

Any website that offers a vehicle identification number lookup other than a license plate number search service can help you obtain any car information like the previous motor vehicle owner, condition or any other pre-existing trouble. You don't need to have the license plate number, just provide the VIN and wait for the results.

New Mexico License Plate Sizes

Any type of placard like a vanity plate will always follow the standard size of 6"x12", regardless if it's a passenger or commercial vehicle. For any registered owner of a motorcycle, it will follow the 4"x7" size. A license plate frame is allowed as long as it doesn't obstruct any details from the placard itself like the numbers and stickers.

New Mexico License Plate Validity

Doesn't matter if you have a personalized license plate, or a standard one, plates are valid for 7 years. Only a temporary license plate is valid for 30 days. So make sure that you get your permanent new Mexico plate to avoid hassles.

Applying for New Mexico License Plates

To get a new license plate in New Mexico, you have to do the following things. You need to have the MCO, the purchase agreement, odometer statement, driver's license, then fill out the registration form. Then pay for the registration fee. If there's the main requirement missing, you'll be given a temporary registration plate. A temporary permit will also be given while waiting for your permanent ones. If you're planning to get a custom one like the plate for the wildlife program, the same rules will also apply. Visit your local MDV department for more information.

Surrendering License Plates in New Mexico

If you trade, give or sell your car, the plates must be removed. You have 30 days to either transfer the plate number to the next motor vehicle of the same class as your original one or if disposing of it, you can go to your local MDV department to have it recycled/destroyed.

Renewing License Plates in New Mexico

A motor vehicle that needs it's plating to be renewed must do the things mentioned here. You can renew online, but you need to have the control number that's on your registration renewal, plate number or the vin of your vehicle, and a credit card to pay for any fee needed. You can also mail your registration renewal in or visit an MDV department near you. For the complete information, click here. Remember that if you're late, there's a late fee that's going to occur as well. So always be responsible.