NJ License Plate Lookup

You got to love the idea of having a new car. You can make a jump start by finding the vehicle record by running a New Jersey license plate lookup. Once everything’s ready, you can now proceed to register and maybe get a personalized license plate number along with it. Read more about vehicle registration, customized license plates, and more as you read along. Doing a free license plate lookup will remove any reasonable suspicion that you may have about getting that car.

How to lookup a New Jersey license plate

Doing an NJ license plate lookup for your motor vehicle is easy if you know where to go. You can use 3rd party websites to do a license plate search. It can provide information like the vehicle history report, previous registered owner, any registration issues and its public record among other things. You can also try and inquire with the NJ MVC for more information about doing a license plate search for a specific car.

New Jersey custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

For a vehicle owner who'd like to get a different option other than the standard free license plate issued by the state DMV, they can get a personalized license plate instead. For a personalized plate, you just need to pay a one-time fee of $50 through the NJ MVC. You'll need to have an account in order to do it online, the same process for a vanity plate. For a dedicated plate, there's an initial fee of $50, then it's going to be $10 annually except for two types: USS NJ Battleship costs $15 and an Agriculture one that will have the word "garden state" costs $20 annually. Order it online (with an account, or by mail). A specialty plate will vary depending on the organization one is a member of. And the application will need to be submitted to their organization and is subject to approval before being processed. For getting a specialized license plate for street rods or historic ones, a vehicle must be 25 years old minimum to qualify to get a historic plate and will cost $44 for the fee. For street rods, the car owner or driver must be a member of an NJ street rod club or an affiliate of the National Street Rod Association Inc and will cost $15 for its fee.

New Jersey VIN lookup

If you want to get the vehicle history record of a motor vehicle that you're eyeing, then doing a VIN lookup instead of a license plate search can help the information that you're looking for. Things like previous police violations, vehicle history records are some of the details that you can obtain. It's a much safer way of knowing details about a particular car other than doing a free license plate number lookup.

New Jersey License Plate Sizes

As per the DPPA, standard plates or a temporary plate will follow the regulated size of 6"x12". That's applicable for both the front and rear plates of the motor vehicle. Motorcycle plates will follow 4"x7". A license plate owner is allowed to have framed as long as it doesn't hinder any information on the plate or any sticker on it. All  New Jersey plates that violate that simple rule will get in trouble with law enforcement sooner or later since it's illegal.

New Jersey License Plate Validity

Passenger plates or commercial ones have a validity of 7 years.

Applying for New Jersey License Plates

A couple of things like your driver's license and other vehicle information are needed in applying. If you've recently moved, you must transfer your out-of-state license within 60 days.

Surrendering License Plates in New Jersey

If you sold your car, or it got totaled and you have no plans of replacing it soon, you'll need to surrender your plates otherwise they can suspend your license if you don't. Avoid the hassle of getting your car pulled over by any police officer without you knowing that your license has been suspended already just because you didn't surrender your old plates.

Renewing License Plates in New Jersey

As a driver, you'll need your registration renewal, proof of insurance, license plate number, any ID then submit those. Pay for any fees then you're all set. Also, make sure that you don't have any pending police or traffic violations otherwise it's going to be delayed.