Nevada License Plate Lookup

It’s that time of year when you get some extra cash and you may be planning to get a car of your own. Aside from the financial preparation, there are many things to consider like insurance, motor vehicle requirements, and more. You don’t want to have a set back about something you don’t know that’s linked with the car. So, avoid that hassle and proceed to do a Nevada license plate lookup now.

How to lookup a Nevada license plate

Do a Nevada license plate lookup for any situation that involves you buying a used car. Get information like if any custom plates were used, driving record, vehicle registration information and other details. A Nevada license plate search can prove if you're purchasing the right vehicle for you or not.

Nevada custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

To order any personalized license plate, you can order them through the Nevada DMV. Different types are available for anyone. A personalized plate search can also be used if you're looking for a specific vanity plate. The search function can also be used in looking up a specific specialty plate that you'd like. You can also go in person to any DMV office near you to know more information. 

Nevada has already switched to digital plates so if you're looking for a new embossed plate, you might not get it. A sponsored plate for any non-profit organization will have its plate production split into 2 tiers. A special license plate for disabled people is also available, and to save time you can order those online through the DMV website.

Nevada VIN lookup

Need to look up information about a previous license plate owner for the car you're buying? Need to know if it passed any vehicle inspection before? Then doing a Vehicle Identification Number or VIN number lookup might just solve your problem. The Department of Motor Vehicles - Nevada can help you get the information that you need aside from using any free license plate lookup service out there.

 You can get details like the previous registered owner if had any registration renewal done on it among other things. Visit or go online to your nearest DMV Nevada department to get assistance about doing a VIN search.

Nevada License Plate Sizes

It doesn't matter if it's a specialty license plate or a regular one. Any vehicle owner must follow the plate size of 6"x12" for regular vehicles both for the front and back. Only motorcycles are allowed to have a rear plate. A rear license plate size for a motorcycle is 4"x7".

Nevada License Plate Validity

A car owner with a new or old plate regardless if it's a new or a classic vehicle has a validity of around 7 years. It's the owner's responsibility to know when it's time to replace their license plate number placard.

Applying for Nevada License Plates

Applying for a license plate number or placard for your vehicle will require a few steps. If online, you need to have your proof of insurance, your driver's license, plate number, and fill out the registration form and pay any registration fee that will apply.

Surrendering License Plates in Nevada

Any license plate owner is only required to surrender their placards if you sell your vehicle or if it's totaled. Specialty plates acquired for your vehicle aren't required to be returned.

Renewing License Plates in Nevada

You can renew your license plate number registration for your vehicle by going online, by going to any emissions center or you can mail/fax it in.