Nebraska License Plate Lookup

Making a motor vehicle purchase is a big responsibility. You want to make sure that everything will go smoothly when you go to the registration office to make you an official vehicle owner. In order for that to happen, get ahead and perform a Nebraska license plate lookup to find out anything about what you want. Get information like the driving record, registration details, lien history and other important vehicle information.

How to lookup a Nebraska license plate

Aside from using those 3rd party license plate lookup websites, you can also go to your nearest Nebraska DMV to get information. You can get the motor vehicle record, lien holder details, any court records if applicable. Getting the vehicle history report is crucial before making any decisions, so make sure you do it right.

Nebraska custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

You can go to the Nebraska DMV to order any personalized license plate. You can also get a specialty or military license plate (if you're military personnel) by also going to their website or go to your nearest Nebraska department office. An organization custom plate for any financial institution is also one of the options that they have. 

For any Nebraska driver, just fill out the application form, pay any corresponding fee using their approved payment methods like a credit card, then wait for your plate number to be issued. If it's a custom plate issued in places like Douglas county, it can have a format prior to the alphanumeric conversion. For more information, visit the Nebraska DMV website.

Nebraska VIN lookup

You can go to the NMVTIS to perform a vin number lookup instead of a license plate search. Whether you're making a car or truck purchase, this site will help you get all the relevant information like the vehicle title, the public record associated with the car, lienholder records, if it has an existing Nebraska title, any law enforcement violations in the past and other information. This is a good alternative other than using a Nebraska license plate lookup service.

Nebraska License Plate Sizes

Any license plate number placard will have a size of 6"x12" as indicated by the state of Nebraska regardless of what county it's in. All motorcycle owners will follow the normal state placard size of 4"x7".

Nebraska License Plate Validity

All county plates in Nebraska are valid for 6 years before it needs to be replaced. Go to any county treasurer or DMV office to have it replaced or if you want to know more information.

Applying for Nebraska License Plates

Whether you're a commercial driver or a regular owner looking to apply, you'll need the following information. Proof of insurance, proof that your excise tax and sales tax (go to your treasurer's office) has been paid. You might also be required to present your driver's license. After the documents are approved, pay the corresponding registration fee and you're all set. If you're a non-resident and staying for a month or so, you can get a temporary license plate permit that's valid for 30 days.

Surrendering License Plates in Nebraska

It's not a requirement to surrender the plate number unless you've got a disabled vehicle. Go to the DMV website to get more information regarding credits.

Renewing License Plates in Nebraska

In the state of Nebraska, there's a couple of things needed before you can renew your motor vehicle plate. You'll need your driver's license, vehicle records and other information before filling out the form. Any additional license plate fees might apply depending on your local DMV. Go to their website or drop by in-person to get all the information that you need.