Montana License Plate Lookup

Start the process right by performing a Montana license plate lookup or vin search and know all the important details. For example, you can get the vehicle registration, lienholder information, vehicle identification number and other things you need before buying that car. This is necessary to get to know all about the plate number of that car, especially if you intend to get a used vehicle.

How to lookup a Montana license plate

You can do a license plate search by going to the Motor Vehicle Division of Montana or by using any 3rd party website. Search for any Montana vehicle and obtain any information you need like the previous car owner if it had any sponsored plates, permanent registration and other vehicle history details that you need.

Montana custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

For any license plate design, one would like, they can go to their local county treasurer's office to order them. A specialty license plate can have a maximum of 7 characters only, must have a minimum of 2 letters and the letter O can't be used as per the motor vehicle department of Montana. 

After filling out the form, the license plate owner should pay the fee then simply wait for their vanity plate or any other custom placard they ordered to be delivered.

Montana VIN lookup

If you're looking for a passenger vehicle in Montana, then going to the MVD office or online is the best way to get information. If going personally, if you don't have the license plate number that's fine. You don't exactly need to do a license plate lookup all the time. You'll only need the VIN number and go to any Montana department near you for assistance.

Montana License Plate Sizes

A personalized license plate or standard plate for normal vehicles will follow the size of 6"x12". A motorcycle with a personalized plate or normal Montana plate will have a size of 4"x7".

Montana License Plate Validity

Any replacement license plate or standard placard will be valid for 5 years. A specialty plate will also have the same lifespan. Any vehicle owner will be responsible for knowing when it's time to replace their plates and driving with an invalid plate might lead to problems if you get pulled over by law enforcement. To avoid any hassles and replace your plates on time.

Applying for Montana License Plates

For applying, you'll need your driver's license, fill out the application form, pay the registration fee and other taxes like property tax and get your plate. If your plate is not available, the county treasurer office will issue a 40-day temporary registration permit until your official placard arrives.

Surrendering License Plates in Montana 

A license plate can't be transferred to the buyer of your old vehicle as per the Montana MVD department. For requests for new plates, custom or standard ones, you're required to surrender your old plates once you receive the new ones. Other than that, you can simply dispose or destroy your plates properly to avoid problems.

Renewing License Plates in Montana 

Visit your local county treasurer's office, you'll need your renewal registration notice, drivers license, title and vin of the motor vehicle, and of course the payment to any fee applicable when renewing. Once your plate number is renewed, you're good to go.