Missouri License Plate Lookup

Nobody will blame you if you’ll be cautious enough to look into the vehicle history by running a license plate search in Missouri. It’s always good to take precautions rather than get a headache during vehicle registration. Go ahead and run the Missouri license plate lookup tool and find out if there’s anything that needs to be worked out before the purchase. A license plate search can make or break any decision that you may do.

How to lookup a Missouri license plate

Don't know how to do a Missouri license plate lookup? It's easy, as long as you know the license plate number, you can visit the website for the Missouri Department of Revenue to know details about the car you're looking for like the vehicle registration, if it has a standard or personalized plate, dealer details, and any other public record that it might have.

Missouri custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

The Missouri DOR has a lot of options when it comes to getting any specialty license plate. Any personalized license plate is allowed to have up to 6 characters, depending on the type of vehicle and plate. You can order online by going to the Missouri Department of Revenue website or go personally to any DOR office.

Missouri VIN lookup

To look up any details regarding a specific car, you can use its vehicle identification number. Go to the Missouri DOR website, provide the vin number and get details ranging from the previous lienholder, any inspections done with the car, issues with the license bureau and other things. This is a better way of looking for vehicle information rather than using a license plate search.

Missouri License Plate Sizes

As with any other state, the placard size is 6"x12". Except for a vehicle owner who has a motorcycle, it's going to be 4"x7".

Missouri License Plate Validity

All plates in the state of Missouri will have a lifespan of 7 years physically before it needs to be replaced. Any car owner should take note of when it ends so that you won't get caught by law enforcement that you're driving an invalid plate already. Prevent from paying a fee or ticket just by remembering when you need to get a new plate.

Applying for Missouri License Plates.

For anyone looking to apply, first complete the application form, then an emissions inspection will be done after if your vehicle is located in some counties like Jefferson City, as it's one of the requirements needed for vehicle licensing. 
Your Missouri driver's license is also needed. A safety inspection will also be done on your motor vehicle as well. Pay the fee and other tax that's applicable then wait for your license plate to be issued.

Surrendering License Plates in Missouri 

To prevent any illegal or unlawful use of any plate number that won't be used anymore, you're permitted to destroy or dispose of the plates or you can return them to any Missouri state-county DMV.

Renewing License Plates in Missouri 

A plate number must be renewed a month before or during the month of expiration. You need to bring your renewal notice, your driver's license, personal property tax receipt and submit to a vehicle inspection as well. After that, pay any fee like a sales tax that may apply then wait for your renewal sticker to be provided.