Mississippi License Plate Lookup

Whatever your reason for buying a brand new or used vehicle in the state requires you to be hands-on in the process of obtaining it. After eyeing on the car you want, why not take an extra precaution and run a Mississippi license plate lookup? It’s very easy to do, convenient, and will save you time and dealing with any unnecessary tasks at a later date.

How to lookup a Mississippi license plate

If you're looking to do a Mississippi license plate lookup, then the Mississippi Department of Revenue can provide information regarding any license plate number that you wish to search for. Doing a license plate search will give you information regarding any car such as its vehicle registration, previous owners, any public safety violations it might have had and other details as well.

Mississippi custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

For the type of specialty plate available for every vehicle, there's a fee that's imposed when you avail of them. Specialty license plates vary depending on who's ordering them. It could be a vanity plate for previous college alumni in Mississipi, or someone who's looking to get a special license plate for an organization. A custom plate can have up to 7 characters including spaces maximum. To get the special antique automobile plate, a vehicle needs to be more than 25 years of age to get it. Apply with any DMV office near you, once approved, the county tax collector will provide the special tag to the vehicle owner. The said antique car or truck will be exempt from any ad valorem or property tax imposed by the tax collector's office.

 Mississippi VIN lookup

Aside from doing a Mississippi license plate lookup, you can also visit any Mississippi department or DMV near you to do a VIN search to know specific details about a vehicle you're looking for. As long as the reason is valid, you can get details like the car registration, the number of vehicle license plates it could've had if it used a special plate or a standard one and other vehicle information.

Mississippi License Plate Sizes

Whether you're using a personalized plate or the standard one, the size for a standard motor vehicle will always be 6"x12". For a motorcycle plate, it follows the size of 4"x7".

Mississippi License Plate Validity

A license plate number will have a shelf life of 7 years. Regardless if it's a personalized license plate or not, it's subject to be renewed every year depending on the date specified on the renewal notice.

Applying for Mississippi License Plates

To apply for standard or specialty license plates, just go to any DOR office and file the appropriate registration forms. The tax assessor will assess plate fees like property taxes and others that might apply. A temporary car tag that will be supplied to you is valid for 7 days only.

Surrendering License Plates in Mississippi 

An existing or new license plate from Mississippi can't be transferred to a new vehicle or a new owner. It has to be surrendered when you already have a new vehicle. Talk to any DMV department from your local county to know more details.

Renewing License Plates in Mississippi 

The annual renewal fee is provided by your Mississippi department or county DMV. A couple of documents are needed for renewing like your driver's license, proof of insurance, VIN and your plate number. A homestead exemption applies if a person meets the criteria. Ask your local DMV for further information.