Minnesota License Plate Lookup

It’s really nice to be a vehicle owner and drive through the state. It’s better when the car that you’re about to get doesn’t have any issues tagging along. So to get the vehicle registration, previous lien holder and other information, do a Minnesota license plate lookup and get that car all set for adventure without any trouble.

How to lookup a Minnesota license plate

By using any license plate search service, you can get details such as the lien release, insurance information and other details about the car that you're looking at. You can do this using any website that does a free license plate lookup, or you can go to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to get the information that you're looking for.

Minnesota custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

Any type of personalized plate number can be ordered through the DVS. You can get different types such as specialty plates, military and other types. Any other special license plate can have up to 7 characters for a regular vehicle (including spaces) in total. For motorcycles and other smaller vehicles looking to get specialized plates, it can only be up to 4 characters. The same rules will apply to getting a critical habitat plate as well.

Minnesota VIN lookup

To get more accurate results, an aspiring vehicle owner can do a VIN lookup, to know the history of a specific motor vehicle, like if it used a personalized license plate number, and another vehicle history that you need. You can go to the DVS Minnesota department near you to know more. A vin lookup is a more accurate method rather than doing a license plate search.

Minnesota License Plate Sizes

Regardless if it's a vanity plate or a standard one, placard sizes are 6"x12" for all passenger vehicles.

Minnesota License Plate Validity

As per the motor vehicle services of Minnesota, all types of placards including a disability plate and other types of custom made ones have a validity of 7 years. After that time, you have to visit a local DVS to renew. For tab renewal, it's renewed every year. If unable to do so, you're not allowed to drive around Minnesota roads unless you want trouble with law enforcement.

Applying for Minnesota License Plates

Based on the Minnesota Statute, new residents must apply for vehicle registration in person or mailing it to any DVS Minnesota department. The registered owner must bring proof of ownership for the vehicle like the registration number card and your driver's license.

 For any fee that might apply, you can pay using your credit card and other accredited payment methods. This applies to getting standard or special plates for your vehicle. For getting a duplicate plate number, you need to fill out the application form, pay any corresponding fee and send it to your local DVS.

Surrendering License Plates in Minnesota

For any license plate owner residing in Minnesota, the DVS department states that there's no requirement to surrender your old plates. You can simply destroy or dispose of them as you wish. Just make sure it's unusable by anyone else to avoid any trouble.

Renewing License Plates in Minnesota

Doing the registration renewal for your vehicle is done like this. You can renew the registration tab online or mail it in, or if you have the time, simply drop by in-person to any DVS office and do it there. Pay the fee then wait for your renewal sticker and you're all set.