Michigan License Plate Lookup

Want to know that you're doing the right thing by purchasing that vehicle? Well don't worry, you can use a license plate lookup to take care of that. Looking for something specific in Michigan? Then a Michigan license plate lookup is exactly what you need.

How to lookup a Michigan license plate

Doing a Michigan license plate lookup is easy. There's a lot of websites offering online services for any motor vehicle for every state as long as you have the license plate number. You can get public records, vehicle history, registration details as well. Or to be really specific, you can contact the Michigan Secretary of State online or by phone.

Michigan custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

There are different types of plates that Michigan residents can get. A personalized license plate is one of them. Another example is the specialty plates. Any of the custom personalized plate/s is ordered through any secretary of the state department. If ordering online, you need to have a login for citizens. Michigan drivers that are looking to order must make sure first that their desired specialty plates are available. Aside from paying for the plate, a service fee might also apply as well. An additional license plate can also be requested for any recreational vehicle, but can't be used for registration purposes.

Michigan VIN lookup

A free license plate lookup might be your first option when looking for vehicle information. But remember that you can also use vin number lookup too. It can happen in a couple of ways. You can go online, in person or by mail. Doing a quick vin lookup is a great way to obtain a previous vehicle's driving record and such. A vin search can be done with any local Michigan state DMV department.

Also remember that even if you have the details needed to do a vin or license plate search, it doesn't mean that you're authorized to do so. There are permissible purposes that you need to qualify before the records are released as per the DPPA (Driver's Privacy Protection Act). A licensed investigator looking into a case is one of the valid reasons if it's required in a police investigation and if a dealer of a car rental business is asking for information before making decisions To know the full list, click here.

Michigan License Plate Sizes

For any passenger car, the standard plate size is 6"x12".

Michigan License Plate Validity

If you're a new license plate owner in Michigan, plates are valid for 10 years. Any plate exceeding that must be replaced. This applies to any registered owner in Michigan. Failure to do so will be penalized by law enforcement if caught.

Applying for Michigan License Plates

The standard Michigan plate can be ordered for just a one-time fee of $5. A vehicle owner would just need to go to any secretary office department near them to avail of it. All forms of payment including money orders are accepted when paying for the fees.

Surrendering License Plates in Michigan

If you have old plates, you can simply dispose of them properly. Make sure it's unusable to discourage any theft or fraud from happening. If moving out of state, make sure that your license plate registration is canceled, but there's no need to surrender the plates.

Renewing License Plates in Michigan

Normally, a plate will expire on the owner's birthday. The SOS would also mail a renewal notice 45 days before the date so you have ample time to get the documents needed like your driver's license, current vehicle registration, social security number and other details about your car. After that, pay for the corresponding fee and you're good to go.