Massachusetts License Plate Lookup Free

Congrats! You’re about to purchase your vehicle. Don’t get too hyped yet about going to the registration office. Have you looked into the vehicle history? Learn more about the car before buying it from a dealer or another vehicle owner. Make sure to avoid a hassle in registration by doing a Massachusetts license plate lookup free and speed up the process.

How to lookup a Massachusetts license plate

To lookup any Massachusetts license plate number, you can utilize any website that offers a reverse license plate search. If you want to be sure, you need to go online to the Massachusetts registry or RMV to get the necessary details like the license plate registration status, the driving record/vehicle records, etc. 

A license plate search can go a long way if done right and can help you make a sound decision on any motor vehicle that you're planning to purchase.

Massachusetts custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

For getting something like a vanity plate, you can go to the RMV to order one. Aside from that, you can order a disability plate/placard and other types. If going online, just fill out the form then submit. You can also go personally or by mail. Specialty license plates will also follow the same procedure. For more information, click here.

Massachusetts VIN lookup

Regardless of the vehicle type, a license plate lookup isn't the only way to do it. If you have the vehicle identification number or VIN number, you can get the necessary details like the license plate information, car owner, driving record, vehicle type, etc. A vin search is a more accurate way of gathering info rather than using a free license plate search.

Massachusetts License Plate Sizes

A normal, custom or special plate for any registered owner will have a size of 6"x12". For motorcycle plates, it will follow the 4"x7" size, also regardless if it has a personalized license plate or not. A vintage license plate will also have the same size as the new ones today.

Massachusetts License Plate Validity

For all that has an active vehicle registration, a license plate number will be renewed every 1 or 2 years depending on it's plate type or car tag. You can accomplish it online, by mail or in person. You'll need your vin number, driver's license, license plate records and other details.

Applying for Massachusetts License Plates

Regardless if it's your first registration plate or a renewed personalized plate, you'll need to apply for just 1 placard. You can put it in either the front or rear. Law enforcement personnel or any police officer won't cite you on where you positioned it. 
You can install it on either the front or on the rear of your car. You can apply on the RMV website, send it in by mail or in person. You need to have your vin number, driver's license and other documents.

Surrendering License Plates in Massachusetts

If you had your registration number canceled, it's not a requirement to surrender it to the RMV. You can either destroy it properly or if you really have the time, return it to any RMV office near you.

Renewing License Plates in Massachusetts

One of the main requirements is to have an active insurance policy on your vehicle. Then your registration renewal is mailed to you and inform you if you actually have an active insurance policy registered with the RMV. 

You won't get the renewal of your vehicle information that shows that your registration is suspended or revoked or there are any parking tickets, excise tax or EZ-pass notices on your license number. To get all the details, visit the RMV website.