Maine License Plate Lookup

If you plan to buy a used motor vehicle in the state, you have to do a Maine license plate lookup to get its vehicle registration, and other important information or public record that you need to know that’s attached to the car or motor vehicle you’re about to own.

How to lookup a Maine license plate

You can search by using any license plate lookup or go directly to your local Maine BMV. Just by having the plate number and depending on the vehicle that you're going to get, you can lookup its vehicle information or trailer registration, previous vehicle owner, driving record and other details.

Maine custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

For any personalized license plate or specialty plates, you can go to the BMV website or go to your BMV town office. There’s different options to choose from. You can get either a specialty license plate, military and even vanity license plates and order it through there. You will need your current registration then pay any corresponding fee.

Maine VIN lookup

The website for the Maine local government has a way of searching using the vehicle identification number or VIN aside from using a license plate search. You can also get the dealer details, previous registrations and previous car owners. A VIN lookup is more accurate than a license plate search.

Maine License Plate Sizes

Like Connecticut or any other state, the size for a Maine license plate vehicle is 6"x12". A-frame for your plate number is allowed as long as it follows Maine law regarding frames. It mustn't hide or obscure any details on the plate-like the sticker. Otherwise, you might find yourself having problems with any police or law enforcement agency personnel that might see your plates.

Maine License Plate Validity

It's annually. As a vehicle or car owner, you must be responsible for renewing it. An excise tax is paid yearly as well as sales tax, just go to any BMV Maine department of Maine bureau to get more information.

Applying for Maine License Plates

Whether it's a private sale or an out of state purchase, you'll need your Maine title or your bill of sales from the dealer, your driver's license, evidence of insurance, current or previous registration then pay the registration fee. Go to any Local BMV or online for the rest of the application process. 

Just a warning, if you're a Connecticut resident looking to get a plate in Maine, be careful. You might find yourself in trouble. For the Maine turnpike, you can actually use your license plate number to pay for any tolls. To know more, contact the customer service team for Maine Turnpike.

Surrendering License Plates in Maine 

You're required to surrender license plates to the Maine BMV if you no longer need the plates. Contact your local Maine BMV for more information.

Renewing License Plates in Maine 

You'll need your proof of insurance, excise tax receipt, white and yellow copy of your registration and payment for the renewal fees. To know more, visit your local BMV for more details.