Louisiana License Plate Lookup

A Louisiana license plate lookup is probably one of the things you should consider before buying a used vehicle to make sure that the motor vehicle you’re aiming for is free from lien or citation and more. Do a Louisiana license plate number search now so you can evaluate your options. 

How to lookup a Louisiana license plate

For a Louisiana license plate search, you can take advantage of the different websites that offer lookups, or you can go to your local Louisiana office OMV or Louisiana DMV. You can get information by doing a reverse license plate lookup, like previous dealer plates, current registration plates, previous vehicle owner information among other things. Utilizing a license plate search saves time as well.

Louisiana custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

Any vehicle owner looking to get a personalized license plate or specialty plate needs to know that any orders are issued on a first come first serve basis. From designs for a personalized plate, vanity or even a special plate. Upon selecting your desired design, it will be held for 2 weeks to give way for the submission of the paperwork needed. 

Specialty license plates will always have a fee associated with them. Dealer plates are also issued for motor dealers. A plate number can have one character changed, for more information, call your local DMV.

Louisiana VIN lookup

Any registered owner or car owner looking to get a used car can easily do a vehicle identification number or VIN lookup instead of using a free license plate lookup service or reverse license plate search. Get information like the previous license plate owner, previous plates associated, driving record and other vehicle histories.

Louisiana License Plate Sizes

Louisiana plates have a size of 6"x12". License plate frames are allowed by the state of Louisiana, as long as it doesn't obscure any information like the plate number and stickers.

Louisiana License Plate Validity

You need to renew your vehicle registration and vehicle license plate or license number every 2 years. Driving with an expired license might get you in trouble with any law enforcement agency.

Applying for Louisiana License Plates

For getting a car tag or your permanent license plate, you have to fill out the license plate application online or personally to any Louisiana DMV together with other documents like your driver's license then pay the registration fee. Apportioned plate for trucks will also undergo the same process, but the fee will be different.

Surrendering License Plates in Louisiana 

If you won't be using the plate anymore, you can simply dispose of it, but if you want to be a bit picky, you can request a cancellation of the license plate online then surrender the plates.

Renewing License Plates in Louisiana 

There’s a couple of things you need for renewing your standard or special license plate. You will need your renewal notice, your proof of car insurance, driver's license, a valid inspection sticker and then pay for the renewal fee. You can go online or any local DMV to do this.