Kentucky License Plate Lookup

Finding a car’s vehicle history in Kentucky is important for any aspiring vehicle owner. Knowing the history of the previous license plate owner is a good decision and will allow you to decide whether to purchase a used car or not. To do so, perform a Kentucky License Plate Lookup before buying and registering a used car.

How to lookup a Kentucky license plate

A Kentucky license plate lookup or a reverse license plate lookup is easily done online or by going to the County Clerk's office. As long as you have things like the Kentucky license number, you can pull up things like vehicle registration history, registered owner/owners, lienholder/holders, vehicle title and other important details. For doing a license plate search online for the vehicle history report, from 3rd party sites, the accuracy of the information provided for the car in question is not 100%.

Kentucky custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

Owners have different options when it comes to any custom vehicle license plate number. You can avail different designs like a personalized plate and even specialty license plates. These custom license plates are ordered online. There are even collectible license plates that you can avail of, as a vanity plate.

Kentucky VIN lookup

Aside from doing a license plate search or reverse license plate search for any car, you can also use the vehicle identification number or VIN number lookup. Aside from doing it online, it can also be done with the county clerk's office. The process is still the same as doing a license plate number search. 

You can easily see the track record of any vehicle, its previous number plate if it had a standard or a special plate and other relative information associated with that car. Still, it's recommended to go to the county clerk for the best results.

Kentucky License Plate Sizes

Doesn't really matter if it's a personalized license plate or a standard license plate. It will follow the normal size of 6"x12". Kentucky only requires rear plates to be installed.

Kentucky License Plate Validity

Most of them will have a 7-year life span.

Applying for Kentucky License Plates

After doing the application and paying your registration fee, you'll receive your pre-approved registration. Go to any Kentucky department clerk's office near you, your insurance card, driver's license and other documentation, pay the fee using your credit card or other payment methods and wait for them to issue your plate.

Surrendering License Plates in Kentucky 

You're required to return or surrender your Kentucky registration plate number when you get a different type of plate or car tag, or you cancel your vehicle registration. You can surrender your license plate number to any Kentucky clerk's office.

Renewing License Plates in Kentucky 

For renewing, you need to submit your motor vehicle licensing, and apply for registration renewal. A photo ID is also required, payment for the fee/fees that are going to be included. For transferring plates like a California license plate to a Kentucky license plate, the process is the same.