Iowa License Plate Lookup

Know the vehicle history and another motor vehicle-related information by doing an Iowa license plate lookup before getting a car in Iowa. Better to be sure than sorry, so go ahead and perform an Iowa license plate lookup or license plate search by using the previous owner's vehicle license plate number even without the VIN number.

How to lookup an Iowa license plate

A license plate search is a good place to start to get information regarding a vehicle. If you're planning to do that or a reverse license plate search, then the Iowa Department of Transportation will have records that may help you in looking for the vehicle registration and other information online. Getting this license plate information is crucial to your decision making.

Iowa custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

To obtain a specialty plate, vanity, or personalized plate you can go to the Iowa Department of Transportation website, fill out the form needed with your driver's license, vehicle title and other necessary information. Other custom options available are a vanity plate or other types of special plates.

Iowa VIN lookup

You can use any VIN lookup aside from any plate number search sites to get the public record, vehicle title, driver license information about a specific car that you're looking at. You can also go to the Iowa dot to get the vehicle history as long as you meet the necessary criteria.

Iowa License Plate Sizes

Whether it's an old plate, new registration plate, personalized license plate or temporary plates, the size for any passenger vehicle is 6"x12". A plate frame for a license plate number attached to your vehicle is also okay since based on the Iowa department, frames are only illegal if it obstructs any important information on any passenger vehicle plate like the stickers or the license plate number itself.

Iowa License Plate Validity

Iowa county license plates can last up to 10 years.

Applying for Iowa License Plates

For applying, any registered owner or vehicle owner must fill out the form online, pay the registration fee to get their current registration going.

Surrendering License Plates in Iowa 

It's preferred to return your plates to the county office where you last registered. If you can include just a short note in notating why you're returning the plates is advisable. If it's an old plate, you can just simply dispose of it properly.

Renewing License Plates in Iowa 

For renewing, you can go online or go to your county treasurer's office, fill out the form with the right information like your driver's license number to prove that you are the license plate owner and pay the fee. Take note that for taxes applied, if the property tax is not paid, you might get hit with a delinquent tax charge, whether it's for temporary license plates while waiting for the new one. For a duplicate title, that can only be done if your previous title was lost, destroyed or any other applicable issue that could've happened. 

For a title transfer, you can also check with the Iowa dot. for more information. Owners will receive an annual renewal notice from the county treasurer's office. Failure to get it is not an excuse to not do your registration renewal on time. You should also get a notice about the annual tax sale as stated by Iowa law.