Indiana License Plate Lookup

Avoid any trouble and perform an Indiana license plate lookup, or normally known as a license plate search. Hidden costs may eventually arise if you don’t look into the vehicle history, police records, vehicle registration, and other information such as a lien, citations, and more. So do a license plate number lookup and know the vehicle information to have a clean slate before becoming a car owner in Indiana.

How to lookup an Indiana license plate

Utilize any Indiana license plate lookup tool online just by having the plate number of any vehicle. Take note that by using these license plate search websites, accuracy is not guaranteed based on what vehicle information you might find. Using the license plate number you want to use, will help you decide if your investment is worth it or not.

Indiana custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

Custom license plates in Indiana have to be requested with the Motor Vehicle Indiana Bureau or simply known as the Indiana BMV. All of the eligible personalized license plate types are vanity plate, disability and military. Other options for a personalized plate are designs for organizations and colleges. The maximum characters for a custom Indiana license plate number is 6 for passenger vehicles, 5 for a motorcycle plate.

Indiana VIN lookup

For doing a VIN search, you can use the VIN number of the car that you're looking for. You'll have information on the license plate records of the driver. The easiest way to do this is to go to this link for the BMV. If your search reason is specified under the DPPA, that's the only time you'll get access to the license plate owner information, police record and it's public record. It requires the VIN and the social security number if using the BMV option. This is a more precise method of getting information other than using a license plate search.

Indiana License Plate Sizes

For a standard passenger vehicle or car, the plate size is 6"x12", to make sure every information is properly visible. Frames are allowed as long as the information on the plate is fully visible, including the sticker. Inability to comply with this law will result from law enforcement or the police since it's illegal to have a frame that covers any information on the plate of any given car.

Indiana License Plate Validity

Indiana plates for any car or vehicle are valid for 7 years after registration. You'll also see this information when you do a free license plate lookup.

Applying for Indiana License Plates

For a new vehicle owner, you need to bring some documents like your Indiana driver's license, auto insurance, plus the registration fee. For more information, check with your local BMV.

Surrendering License Plates in Indiana 

Indiana BMV doesn't require the surrendering of any sold vehicles. A driver or owner of any sold vehicles can do a license plate transfer to a different vehicle. For more information, go to your local BMV.

Renewing License Plates in Indiana 

You'll need your registration certificate, your vehicle identification number, motor vehicle record, proof of car insurance and your payment. You can go personally to your nearest BMV or do it online for more information.