Illinois License Plate Lookup

If you just moved to Illinois and you’re planning to get a new or used vehicle then you need to perform a license plate lookup or search first. This is really useful especially for a second-hand purchase of a car in the state. You’ll get to know details such as the vehicle history, lien, and other vital information to save you the hassle upon vehicle registration.

How to lookup an Illinois license plate

First, you'll need the plate number in order to utilize any Illinois license plate lookup service for any motor vehicle. You can do this online to get any information, look up passenger plate info, vehicle history of the vehicle owner and other things. Another source of a free license plate lookup is to utilize the Illinois Secretary of State Office for any vehicle information.

Illinois custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

A custom license plate has different options for any motor vehicle. From a personalized license plate or a specialty plate. Any type can easily be requested for any license plate owner. A personalized plate has a different fee from other plates like the fee for a vanity plate. Anyone can go online to apply. A registration fee will apply as well if getting a custom-made license plate number.

Illinois VIN lookup

Aside from using an Illinois license plate lookup service, you can also use the vehicle identification number or VIN number to look for a vehicle record about a specific number plate or any registration plate of a specific motorist. This is a better way of searching other than using a license plate search. 

Illinois License Plate Sizes

Doesn't matter if it's specialty plates or a normal one, a rear license plate of passenger vehicles will follow the size of 6"x12".
If using a license plate frame, make sure that it doesn't obstruct your registration sticker. Hindering the view of a license plate sticker is illegal so keep that in mind.

Illinois License Plate Validity

A temporary license plate or a temporary registration permit is only valid for 90 days. You have 60 days to renew after your vehicle registration expires.

Applying for Illinois License Plates

All new Illinois motorists applying, you'll need a couple of information like your driver's license number and other information to be given your passenger plates. You can get a temporary plate while waiting for your permanent plate. A license plate discount will only apply for scenarios like if you're an active army member or a senior citizen.

Surrendering License Plates in Illinois

If you're using older license plates, you can simply dispose of it by going to your nearest Secretary of State facility. If you renewed your license plate number and sold the vehicle before the registration expired, you need to return the plate number with the stickers plus a Sworn Statement proving the last time you used the vehicle.

Renewing License Plates in Illinois

A registered owner can bring their driver's license id card together with the other documents needed to any Secretary of State facility. You can bring your car tag as well. A renewal notice for your license plate number is no longer sent by mail.