Idaho License Plate Lookup

Perform a license plate search to verify vehicle information about a car tag in the state. You can find details like the license plate owner and vehicle history when you do an Idaho license plate lookup.

How to lookup an Idaho license plate

Aside from using websites that offer free license plate lookup for any state or a reverse license plate search for any vehicle, you can also inquire with the Idaho Transportation Department or Idaho DMV as long as you have the license plate number of the motor vehicle.

Idaho custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

For any license plate number, some would want to have a custom made one aside from the standard plates. Whether it's a personalized plate, specialty, or a military plate. Any Idaho resident can get a special plate. Inquire for the personalized license plate that you want, pay the fee and just wait for it. 

For the registration sticker, it's always going to be on the lower right-hand corner, no matter what special license plate a vehicle owner has. Avoid trouble with law enforcement just by following this simple rule based on Idaho code traffic rules.

Idaho VIN lookup

Aside from using a license lookup or free license plate lookup option, you can check with your local DMV Idaho department for info, they will provide the information you need for the VIN number you're searching for that specific car.

Idaho License Plate Sizes

In Idaho, plate sizes regardless if it's a vanity plate, or if it's specialty plates, are the regular 6"x12" for any registration plate. License plate frames are legal in Idaho as long as they're visible at all times. That applies to all vehicle and motorcycle owners even if you have a military license plate.

Idaho License Plate Validity

License plates are valid for 7 years for any motorists or vehicle owners, regardless of the plate type or placard they use.

Applying for Idaho License Plates

All passenger vehicle owners would need to complete an application to get your license plate number. You also need to do a VIN inspection which will include emissions testing, provide info like your driver's license, lienholder info if applicable, vehicle registration and other documents.

Surrendering License Plates in Idaho 

You can surrender your Idaho plates to any DMV offices like Canyon county or ADA county, whichever is near you. If you can't go in person, you can just simply mail them in. If disposing of, make sure that it's unusable by anyone else to avoid any hassles.

Renewing License Plates in Idaho 

You can choose to go in person or renew online. For those doing it online, you need a couple of things, like your driver's license or any other identification, your renewal postcard from Idaho DMV, and a valid credit or debit card for the payment.

Different fees will apply depending on the age of your vehicle. Additional fees might also apply based on the vehicle that you own as well as county taxes, highway fees, postage fees and county administrative fees wherever it's applicable.