Hawaii License Plate Lookup

Just moved to Hawaii? Looking for a car that can take you somewhere? Then know that performing a Hawaii license plate lookup is essential to know that your money won't go to waste. Knowing how to do a license plate lookup or license plate search or like a safety inspection for the motor vehicle you want is important for any vehicle owner.

How to lookup a Hawaii license plate

We don't want to be stopped by a police officer thinking that you're a bad driver or your car might be stolen from another person. To avoid any hassles from law enforcement, make sure to utilize this. Remember that Hawaii has no statewide public record for vehicle registration and titles for any car owner since each county has a regulation of their own for any license plate that you might do for any motor vehicle. Also utilizing a license number search will give you an idea of making a purchase is good or not. 

Hawaii custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

Different types of specialty plates are available. It has different designs, from a personalized plate up to a vanity plate. It can be ordered online, and an email address is required. Whether it's you or for a different owner as a gift. A fee is going to apply for getting a special license plate, or other plate types for any passenger vehicles. A plate frame is allowed as long as it doesn't cover any of the characters on any specialty license plates.

Hawaii VIN lookup

Performing a VIN or vehicle identification number lookup to know information regarding a previous license plate owner. You can use the Motor vehicle inquiry for Hawaii to look up VIN information or plate number information or vehicle registration. You can also use any free license plate lookup websites at your own discretion.

Hawaii License Plate Sizes

For any registered owner that has a passenger vehicle, the standard size for plates, even if it's a special plate is 6"x12".

Hawaii License Plate Validity

Unlike a driver's license, plates of any kind like a personalized license plate are valid for one year only. The Hawaii department will send a notice 45 days before you need to renew your permit or plate.

Applying for Hawaii License Plates

A couple of documents are needed to get your vehicle a Hawaii plate. You need to fill out the registration form, get a safety vehicle inspection certificate among others. A registration fee is required, so you can use your credit card or other payment types.

Surrendering License Plates in Hawaii

The only time you surrender a license plate in Hawaii is if your vehicle is going to be unattended for a while. That's when you need to fill out a Statement of Fact for a Stored Vehicle form. Other than that, for old license plates just simply dispose of it properly.

Renewing License Plates in Hawaii

As mentioned above, renewing license plates' car tag number is required every year. Things like the VIN number and driver's license number and other important documents. In the event that the original owner died, the surviving spouse can take ownership of the vehicle first before renewing it. Refer to your local county for the proper procedure. You can renew by mail or in person.