Florida License Plate Search

Protect your investment by doing research and a license plate lookup to avoid being victimized by fraudulent sales in buying a vehicle in Florida. The odometer reading is one of the motor vehicle fraud types. Remember, do a Florida license plate lookup before you process a car registration.

How to lookup a Florida license plate

Search for free license plate lookup websites or obtain public records request to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) department. Florida license plate lookup or license plate search can be done via private databases and you just need the license plate number.

Florida custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

You can order a personalized plate for your license plate number by going to any motor vehicle service center in Florida. First, check the availability status by doing a personalized license plate check online. There are 100+ specialty license plate designs available.

Complete the application form, the fee for the license plate type, and visit the local highway safety office to order.

Florida VIN lookup

Florida license plate search and VIN lookup services are great in finding motor vehicle records. You need the vehicle identification number and you'll get the available public records, even like a parking permit of a specific car.

Visit the Vehicle Information Check on the Florida HSMV website and enter the vehicle's VIN or Florida title to start a vehicle search. It's the same with a license plate lookup but the results are more into the car specification.

Florida License Plate Sizes

Following the Uniform Size Act, Florida uses the regular vehicle license plate size of 6" x 12".

Florida License Plate Validity

As per Florida statute, all license plates must be replaced on its 10th year. The Florida department also issues a temporary license plate that may be used for various purposes like waiting for a replacement license plate. The period differs between 10, 30, or even 90 days. This is great for a vehicle owner who's a Florida resident.

Applying for Florida License Plates

After doing a Florida license plate lookup, you're ready to get a Florida license plate number. First, if you're a new Florida resident, you must obtain a Florida driver's license within 30 days to drive on the state roads. 10 days is given to get it from a licensed Florida insurance agent to have your Florida vehicle registered and titled within the registration period to get your registration certificate.

If you don't have a driver's license yet go to a local Florida highway safety department that has a driver's license service. There are also driver's license fees plus a tax collector's office service fee.

Bring documents like residency status, out-of-state title or motor vehicle registration (transfer to Florida title), proof of Florida insurance, ID proof, and payment for sales tax and initial registration fee.

If you have a lien, ask your lienholder to transfer the title to Florida. If the lienholder declines, request a letter stating that you can take it to a motor vehicle registration center and proceed with the registration at the Florida department.

Surrendering License Plates in Florida

Under Florida law, a registered owner must surrender any license plates whose decal is unexpired and not insured. Drop by any DMV Florida department or service center or mail it in.

Renewing License Plates in Florida

Renewal is very easy. You can use the website or an app that Florida DMV has or go to their office. Three months before your registration expires, you'll get a packet that has a renewal notice from them as well.