DC License Plate Lookup

A license plate lookup is always going to be on the top of the list for a driver when purchasing a new motor vehicle or 2nd hand ones. As long as you have the license plate number or the VIN number of the passenger vehicle, you can find ways to obtain the information you need. For this, you need to do a Washington DC license plate lookup.

How to lookup a Washington DC license plate

A license plate lookup will allow you to get the vehicle history report. As a vehicle owner, this information will help in deciding before registration. You can always request information through the state motor vehicle department or DC DMV and online license plate lookup services for a fee.

Washington DC custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

Government agencies require a vehicle to use the current tag, located at the front and rear except for a motorcycle, which is also applicable when driving DC registered cars.

Custom license plates or vanity plates can be obtained by a vehicle owner. You can view and apply for special plates and personalized license plates online from the DC DMV special plates application page.

New tags contain the slogan "End Taxation Without Representation". If you have a current registration or a valid tag and want this on it, you may exchange it for a fee and surrender the existing tag. If you don't, you'll be liable for any old ticket the law enforcement issued to it.

Washington DC VIN lookup

A DC Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) search allows you to find vehicle histories like body type, engine specifications, registration status, traffic violations, number of ownership, and more. You may want to do this to avoid any issues associated with law enforcement agencies.

Washington DC License Plate Sizes

License plate sizes are 12" by 6" which is the standard tag size for any state and county. It makes it easy for license plate readers to see which is helpful for the police department in monitoring any vehicle for violation.

Washington DC License Plate Validity

DC DMV issues a vehicle a plate number that is valid for 1 to 2 years. This can be seen on a sticker attached to the back of the standard or personalized license plate.

Applying for Washington DC License Plates

Vehicle registration in the state requires a DC driver's license or ID card. A 30-day grace period is given to new DC residents for registration. The vehicle title, auto insurance proof, inspection sticker, and the fee will be asked. If there's a lien request the lienholder to send the title to the government agency. Bring your requirements and pay the title and registration fees.

Surrendering License Plates in Washington DC

For a driver surrendering a tag, you need to keep the insurance and remove the sticker. Since unpaid tickets or any parking ticket may still apply if not removed.

Renewing License Plates in Washington DC

A 60-day renewal notice will be sent by the DC DMV. Note that if you have a vehicle that's taken by a tow truck and the tag expired, a registration number renewal is needed before you can retrieve it. In case the registration and inspection stickers are expired you can apply for a 5-day temporary registration.

You can have a car registration renewed online and pay the fees using a credit card or renew your registration by mail. Don't forget the government needed requirements and driver's license to renew your plate number.