Delaware License Plate Lookup

If you’re planning to purchase a vehicle, you need to run a license plate search to be sure that it’s clean, especially if it's a second-hand car. All you need is either the VIN number or the license plate number of the vehicle to obtain the information. To do this, you need to do a Delaware license plate lookup. 

Here’s how you do the license plate lookup.

 How to lookup a Delaware license plate

For any Delaware license plate lookup, the best way to get the required vehicle information is to submit a Personal Information Release Form from the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicle and the form is notarized afterward. You can also use a reverse license plate search if you see any suspicious vehicle. Any vehicle record search using the license plate number search must follow the state law and DPPA guidelines.

Delaware custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

Getting a vanity plate, military plate or any plate for your vehicle in Delaware is easy. Different options of personalized plate/specialty plates are available. Choose from different personalized license plate or specialty license plate designs as well. Everything is on the DMV website or visit your local vehicle office.

Delaware VIN lookup

A Delaware vehicle identification number lookup is automatic whenever you buy a vehicle that originally wasn’t yours. It's the same as using a license plate number lookup. To request information regarding a motor vehicle record that isn’t yours, you can request the records from the DMV. The owner’s written consent is also required.

Delaware License Plate Sizes

For every vehicle type like passenger and commercial vehicle, the normal size is 6”x12”, whether it’s a temporary plate, special plate, or other plates.

Delaware License Plate Validity

A vehicle license plate is valid for 1 or 2 years. 

Applying for Delaware License Plates

Any vehicle owner can go to the DMV to get a regular license plate or a special license plate. Delaware requires a rear plate only. Fill out the form, documents and pay the registration fee. For changing names, the lienholder is needed. If purchased out of state, their VIN number needs to be verified. For a vehicle from out of states like Maine, Ohio or Illinois, a temp tag number is needed. While waiting for your Delaware license plate and your out-of-state temporary tag expires, the DMV will issue a 5-day temporary tag for you. It’s available in any DMV office. Delaware residents like those in Wilmington, are lucky since taxes like property tax or state local taxes are not charged.

Surrendering License Plates in Delaware

Surrendering your license plate is required prior to canceling insurance for car owners with active registrations. For low number plates, you can just pass that down to your other family members. Other reasons can be if the passenger vehicle was sold, titled to another state or the vehicle was junked. You can do this with any Delaware county DMV or Delaware department DMV closest to you.

Renewing License Plates in Delaware

When your vehicle registration expires, you can renew it with the DMV Delaware division. You’ll get a renewal notice, and it’ll tell you when you need to renew your car registration. To get notifications, register on the Delaware DMV website. A fee will apply if you let your registration expire. If by mail, your vehicle must not require an inspection, if it does, you need to go to Delaware DMV.