Colorado License Plate Lookup

Every purchase of a vehicle requires a background check, so doing a license plate check makes sense. Especially if it's second hand. A Colorado license plate lookup is a good start to finding a vehicle history.

 All you need is the license plate number to do a license plate search and obtain the information you need before purchasing. So here's the details on how to do a Colorado license plate lookup.

How to lookup a Colorado license plate

Remember, for any Colorado license plate lookup, the official records about vehicles and drivers, including changes or problems are kept by Colorado DMV. You can apply at their office, by mail or online to get the records or vehicle information. The passenger vehicle record that you'll get from the license plate search will contain the title status, it's a description and in some scenarios, the lien and vehicle owner details.

Colorado custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

There are over 100 variants of plates in Colorado. From specialty license plate, military, disability placards and even alumni plates. To get a personalized plate or vanity plate/placard for their passenger vehicles, you can go to the website for Colorado DMV. 

You'll need your license plate number and your vehicle's VIN number. Upon submitting, you have 3 business days from the Payment Receipt Confirmation Date to cancel. For refunds, contact your county motor vehicle office.

Colorado VIN lookup

A license plate search or plate number search for another person, CO state law and DPPA won't disclose anything without declaring their intended use of the record or they have the signature of the person in interest that will permit them to inspect the record.

Colorado License Plate Sizes

Whether it's a temporary plate, specialty plate or a regular plate, the sizes will be 6"x12".

Colorado License Plate Validity

Most vehicle plates are only good for 1 year. You'll need to renew them during the month indicated on your registration or on the 30-day grace period that follows. A registration renewal notice is needed when renewing directly in person or by mail except online.

 A registration fee for renewing will apply. There's no renewal card available.

Applying for Colorado License Plates

If the motor vehicle was titled in a different state, a vehicle identification number or VIN verification is needed. A couple of other documents are needed like your driver's license. Motor vehicle registration must be done within certain time frames too. 

For payment types, all counties accept all types of credit cards except for American Express. Only 2 counties accept it, Weld and Yuma. If you're wondering about taxable value, ownership tax, and sales tax will apply. 

Since the plates aren't available right away, get a temporary tag or temporary permit until it arrives from the DMV Colorado department in your area. Remember that you only have up to 60 days to get a temporary registration, otherwise, you can't have a temporary license plate.

Surrendering License Plates in Colorado 

If you're moving to another state, you can surrender your license plate to your local Colorado DMV, dispose or recycle it.

Renewing License Plates in Colorado

If your license plate number has expired, you'll need to renew it. An inspection and sometimes a VIN inspection is required depending on the situation. You have 1 month to renew after expiration before a late fee applies. It's done online, in person or by phone.