Arkansas License Plate Lookup

Get to know the car or motorcycle history before spending money on it, perform a license plate search. You just need to have the license plate or the VIN number to perform an Arkansas license plate lookup.

How to lookup an Arkansas license plate

To do a license plate search in the state you can choose to find information through third-party databases from private companies. This is an easy way to lookup vehicle information for a fee. Another is to request information from the state of Arkansas by going to their (Department of Motor Vehicle) DMV office in person. Of course, the information of the person and the vehicle that will be released must comply with DPPA.

Take note that Arkansas license plate lookup is not available in their OMV. So if you have the plate number and want to know more about the owner or driver it's advised to reach out to law enforcement.

Arkansas custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

To get a personalized plate or specialty license plate in the state you can go to their website to apply for a personalized license plate for the vehicle. There are different categories for the special license plates design: college, persons with disabilities, military, and special interest license plate and placards. If you’re a motor vehicle owner that qualifies, complete the forms required from the chosen specialty plate design then prepare the registration fee and other important requirements.

Arkansas VIN lookup

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) will allow a  car owner to find the public record of the vehicle. You can make a request to get the details from the Arkansas department in person or use online resources that will get you the information you need faster. The Arkansas license plate lookup or VIN results includes driving record, license plate information, car manufacturer and vehicle history.

Arkansas License Plate Sizes

The plate number must be seen clearly on the license plate. It must be visible so that it can aid law enforcement. This is for the safety of the car owner or driver too. The standard size of the car tag is 6" x 12" for passenger cars and 4"x7" for a motorcycle. License plate lookup will be easier with this in check.

Arkansas License Plate Validity

Within 10 days of getting your new or used vehicle a temporary tag must be issued by the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicles or the car dealer. The tags are valid for 30 days.

The validation sticker or new decal will be on the rear license plate showing the month and year of the expiration of vehicle registration.

Applying for Arkansas License Plates

The OMV department handles vehicle registration in Arkansas. So if you're new to the state or just bought a vehicle, car registration should take place within 30 days. To be a license plate owner you need to have auto insurance, the car title should be in Arkansas. A proof that you don't own any property tax must be submitted with other documents such as driver's license, ID card, payment for the car registration fee, and more, to obtain a license plate number.

Surrendering License Plates in Arkansas

Visit your local DMV office to surrender a license plate. You can do this if you don't need it or don't want to transfer. If ever you found a lost plate you can try a license plate search to get details using the license plate number.

Renewing License Plates in Arkansas

The AR OMV has ways to process renewal either online, by mail, by phone, or by going to the local office. A renewal notice is sent that includes the renewal fee and date. In case license plate number renewal is in person, don't forget to bring your personal property receipt or personal property tax assessment as written proof. For online processing, just visit the ARSTAR system and fill-out the information needed.