Arizona License Plate Search

Has your 16-year old kid secured their driver's license? Looking to buy a 2nd hand car, but you'd like to know more details like the registered owner or the previous license plate owner. Well, performing a license plate number lookup or license plate search is one of the best things you can do to be safe.

How to lookup an Arizona license plate

If you want to look for the license plate number to get the vehicle records and you don't have the VIN number of the vehicle the best Arizona license plate lookup or license plate search to use is Arizona DOT.

You can get records associated with the Arizona license plate online or by visiting their DMV office, or state DMV. Send them an email or by calling their hotline. You can also use other Arizona license plate lookup websites.

A license plate search must be accurate. If you're purchasing from a 2nd hand dealer, make sure that their dealer license is also up to date.

Arizona custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

If you’re looking for a customized license plate, also called a personalized license plate, vanity plate, special interest license plates or even a specialty license plate. Those can be acquired through an online application.

With all the rear plate designs, having a personalized plate is really worth it. Set yourself apart with a personalized plate. Also, it takes a while for these plates to be made so make sure you have a temporary license plate on your vehicle.

Arizona VIN lookup

If you don't have the license plate number, go for a VIN lookup in Arizona by going to their website. It’s powered by the AATA, or known as the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority, making sure that the vehicle that you’re checking hasn’t been reported stolen or listed as a salvaged motor vehicle.

Arizona License Plate Sizes

For any special plate type like vanity license plates, military license plate, or your usual plates, the standard size for Arizona license plates are 6”x12”. Motorcycles, golf carts or trailers can have a small size (4”x7”). Personalized vanity license plate and other custom license plates are available in the 4"x7" size. You can also use a license plate frame, but make sure that it doesn't cover the word Arizona on your passenger vehicle, otherwise, it's illegal.

Arizona License Plate Validity

It’s good for 1 or 2 years, so check your registration to know which applies to your motor vehicle.

Applying for Arizona License Plates

If you just moved to Arizona, or bought a car in Arizona, and you want to have your registration plate, you’ll have 15 days to submit your license plate application. Bring some paperwork with you as well, like the vehicle’s title, a lien release (if applicable), proof of insurance and a completed vehicle title and registration application and your driver's license number just to be sure. 

A vehicle registration fee will apply and it depends on the vehicle. Combined fees might be around $20.00, which includes the title, registration, air quality inspection and license plates (no free license plate). A physical inspection is also going to happen, and your vehicle needs to pass.

Surrendering License Plates in Arizona

Every plate owner in Arizona isn't required to surrender any old or "vintage license plates" that they have. If you have any of those old plates, or antique license plates you can dispose of them. If the plate has been mutilated or illegible, the law requires a vehicle owner in Arizona to get a new plate.

Renewing License Plates in Arizona

If you’re planning to do your registration renewal, you can submit your application online, by phone or by going personally to the MVD office. You need to have your registration. Your vehicle needs to pass an emission test and other things. If registering an old vehicle, you might need a temporary permit, a temporary plate for that or temporary registration. You might need your driver's license and other documents.