Alaska License Plate Lookup

Whether you are to purchase a new or used car, it is essential for you to look through the vehicle
information before doing it. One of the best ways to do so is running a license plate lookup.

When in search of Alaska license plates, you should consider the fact that there is a possibility of title
transfer between vehicles, in case that it is registered under the same owner.

How to do an Alaska license plate lookup?

If you want to know more about a vehicle, its history and other details you can perform a license plate
search online or get a public record linked to the plate number through Alaska DMV (Division of Motor
Vehicles). You can get in touch with them by mail, phone, through their online service or by visiting their
Due to pandemic the local DMV office has expanded their online services, including Alaska license plate
lookup. So now all business deals are made either by mail or online for everyone's safety. This makes it
easier and quicker to get your license plate number.

Applying for Alaska License Plates

According to law, drivers are permitted to drive through the state with their out-of-state license plates
only for 60 days. There are several locations in Alaska to apply for a plate. Before making your purchase
make sure you have done a good search and got a copy of the vehicle history report.
If the nearby DMV office is more than 50 miles away from you, you can apply for your plate by mail. If it
is away within 50 miles you have to visit the office in person, register your car and apply for a plate.
When applying for a license plate in the state you need to have your driver's license, Manufacturer's
Certificate of Origin (MCO), vehicle title, the original vehicle transaction application form (signed and
completed by the vehicle owner) and the registration fee (paid by money order or check).

Options: personalized (custom) and vanity license plates
The state of Alaska requires two types of standard license plates:

  1. Yellow plates with ‘ALASKA’ written on it.
  2. ‘Mountain’ plates with blue sky and white mountains. 

Some vehicles apply both of them (passenger vehicle, van, truck or motorhome). Exceptions are trailers
and motorcycles that only have one. 

Besides the standard design you have two more options: a personalized or a specialty license plate. 

There is a wide range of plates in Alaska with multiple styles and designs. Pricing varies greatly,
depending on which one you want. In case you are interested to request a personalized license plate or
disability plates you can look at the vanity plate designs and pay the fee by ordering online. Specialty
license plates have design and layout specifications since the main use of a license plate is for vehicle
identification, it takes time to get approved and produced. 

Alaska VIN lookup

Alaska license plate search is more reliable if you have the VIN number. Vehicle Identification Number
(VIN) is made of capital letters and digits and it is one of the most vital things with the help of which you
can learn more about your vehicle.

To get detailed information about your vehicle VIN is what you need. It will reveal the history of the
car’s past: manufacturer details, driving record, accident and safety report, defects or any recalls. You
can check it via an online search or by mail. If by mail, you need to fill out the Verification of Motor
Vehicle Record or Request for Research form to get the license plate information you need.

Alaska License Plate Sizes

All license plates are made of durable aluminum and have nearly the same design, with some variations
of font, logo design and vanity options.

In fact, all license plates are a standard size throughout the 50 states, it is 6” in height and 12” in width.
This is in compliance with the AMMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators) license
plate standard and to support the ALPR (Automated License Plate Reader) best practices. It’s beneficial
for the owner, law enforcement, and public safety.

Alaska License Plate Validity

The vehicles in Alaska are registered only for two years. The expiration date is usually assigned when the
vehicle is being registered for the first time. According to Alaska law the date will retain the month when
the registered owner changes.

Surrendering License Plates in Alaska

You can surrender your license plate to the Alaska DMV office if you prefer another standard or
personalized plate. It is important to remember that you can only transfer personalized and specialty
plates, not the standard ones.

Renewing License Plates in Alaska

The license plate owners have two years before the renewal of the vehicle registration. Drivers choose a
registration month and the Alaska DMV office sends out a reminder via mail 30 days before the renewal

The message contains a PIN which drivers need for online renewal, the amount of the renewal fee, the
name of the vehicle registrant and his/her address. The PIN is for online renewal.

To renew in person the owner must visit the local DMV office with a driver license, copy of last
registration, and other documents that are required by the department.