License Plate Lookup Alaska

Owning a new or used vehicle is a necessity for your daily activities. It would be great to have an insight into the vehicle information before doing any purchase. One way to do so is by running license plate lookup.

Take note that when doing an Alaska license plate lookup, the title transfer is possible between vehicles provided that it’s registered under the same owner. 

How to lookup an Alaska license plate

You can get vehicle records by performing a license plate search online or by getting a public record linked to the plate number through Alaska DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles). You can get in touch by mail, phone, visit their office, or through their online service. 

In this pandemic, the local DMV office increased their online services, which includes Alaska license plate lookup, so that all business transactions are either done by mail or online for everyone's safety. This makes it easier for you to get your license plate number. 

Alaska custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

The state of Alaska requires two license plates displayed for vehicles. Passenger vehicle, van, truck or motorhome follow this with the exception of trailers and motorcycles that only have one. Aside from the standard design you also have an option to get a personalized plate upon registration. 

So if you’re interested to request a personalized license plate or disability plates you can look at the vanity plate designs and pay the fee by ordering online. Specialty license plates have design and layout specifications since the main use of a license plate is for vehicle identification, it takes time to get approved and produced. 

Alaska VIN lookup

Alaska license plate search is better if you have the VIN number. It’s very useful in purchasing and selling a vehicle. Information of the vehicle is available like manufacturer details, driving record, accident and safety report, defects or any recalls can be seen. You can do this via an online search or by mail. If by mail, you need to fill out the Verification of Motor Vehicle Record or Request for Research form to get the license plate information, such as plate number, that you need.

Alaska License Plate Sizes

The standard license plate or placard size is 6” in height and 12” in width including the standard mounting holes. This is in compliance with the AMMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators) license plate standard and to support the ALPR (Automated License Plate Reader) best practices. It’s beneficial for the owner, law enforcement, and public safety.

Alaska License Plate Validity

Vehicles in the state are registered for two years. The expiration date is assigned upon initial registration of the vehicle and will retain that month even when the registered owner changes. 

Applying for Alaska License Plates

Perform an Alaska license plate lookup before deciding to purchase a vehicle that is from a private owner, local dealer, or online auction. This license plate search is important before any car purchase for you to get a copy of the vehicle history report.

To apply for a license plate in the state, you need to have your driver's license and other requirements such as Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO) and vehicle title, the original vehicle transaction application form (signed and completed by the vehicle owner), and the registration fee that can be paid by money order or check, if applicable.

Surrendering License Plates in Alaska

In case you opted for a different standard or personalized plate, you’ll need to surrender your license plate to Alaska DMV. Take note that you can only transfer personalized and specialty plates, not the standard ones.

Renewing License Plates in Alaska

The license plate owner has two years before they renew the vehicle registration. Alaskan DMV sends out a reminder via mail 30 days before the renewal month. Driver license, copy of last registration, and other information that is required by the department.